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  • Born on the 6th of November 1996, Lloyd Dodge has been passionate about acting from a young age. Lloyd is currently living in Bristol where he is pursuing his acting carreer.
  • Recent engagements include:
  • Joining the National Youth Film Academy (London) - Film Career Support Programme,
  • Acting for Film with the National Youth Theatre,
  • A Theatre In Education (TIE) production,
  • Short film roles, voice overs, music videos, modelling and photo shoots.



2022 - 2024.

  • National Youth Film Academy (London) - Film Career Support Programme.


  • Voice overs for The Little Music Company, Nickelodeon.


  • Ion8 drinks advert for JPC Film (Jake Cauty).
  • Voice overs for The Little Music Company, Nickelodeon.


  • National Youth Theatre (London) - Acting for Film.
  • TIE  Mutli-Role, Sex Factor, Tip of The Iceberg.
  • Voice overs, Paw Patrol, The Little Music Company, Nickelodeon.


Other work includes:

  • Short film, "Schematic". Director Troy Patrick.
  • Short film, "Locked in". Director Louis Burgess.
  • Music Video "Pebbles" Dean Denevy
  • Short promo film. Director Scott Childe.
  • Fashion shoot for Raven.
  • Fashion shoot for Rupert & Buckley.
  • Photography shoots by Dave Betts.


Early years, study:

  • Lloyd took one to one accent lessons with Gary Owston.
  • Lloyd took one to one acting lessons with Alec Fellows-Bennett.
  • Studied Drama & Theatre at Clara Marullo's 'Actors' Workshop Collage Class', where Lloyd enjoyed tuition from acting coaches such as Chris Donnelly and Alec Fellows-Bennett,
  • Attended John Redgrave's 'Bristol School of Performing Arts'.
  • Studied 'Performing Arts, Communication and Culture' at St Brendan's Sixth Form Collage, Bristol.
  • During this period Lloyd took a twelve week actor's workshop at the ITV television studios in Bristol. Lloyd also took part in a TV and Film workshop designed to help improve skills in TV and Film.


Early years leading roles in Bristol's young acting scene:

  • Three Showcases in Clara Marullo’s Actors’ Workshop.
  • Zac in Chorus Line, for John Redgrave’s Bristol School of Performing Arts.
  • Nick in Fame, for John Redgrave's 'Bristol School of Performing Arts'.
  • Lloyd also starred in a short awarness radio and film advert, for Avon Fire Service.
  • Long John Silver in Treasure Island, for St Brendan’s Sixth Form College.
  • Mr Brownlow in Oliver Twist, for St Brendan's Sixth Form College.
  • Peter Pan in Peter Pan, for Brimsham School.

Check out Lloyd's "headshot" and "showreel" web pages and go to Lloyd's Mandy Actor's website (Casting Call Pro), using the link below.



Lloyd had a keen interest in sport from a very early age, swimming (national school level), gymnastics, Tae-Kwon-Do and football. With football being his main interest in the early years, he played internationally to academy level. For recreation, he also likes adrenaline sports such as parkour, surfing and skateboarding.


Playing acoustic guitar is something he does to make a statement about his identity, saying "music is an integral part of my life". Other musical activities include being in a four boy harmony band (finalists in Bristol’s ‘Search for a Star’).


Lloyd’s ambition is to establish himself as an accomplished actor through study and experience.

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